Sizing Guide and Measurement Sheets

Body Armour

  • VestGuard holds stock designed to fit most body shapes, from small to XXXL

  • A made to measure service is available where our customers do not fit into standard sizes

  • Long and short sizes are also available on larger orders

 (Please consider the clothing that will be worn during typical duties in your body armour)

  Chest  Waist Front length Back Length
Small 86-96 66-76 33 43
Medium 96-109 74-86 35 46
Large 109-116 86-96 38 48
XL 116-122 96-107 40 51
XXL 122-127 107-117 42 52
XXXL 127-132 117-127 43 53
XXXXL 132-135 127-137 44 54


  Chest Waist  Front length Back Length
  Inches Inches Inches  Inches 
Small 34-38  26-30 13 17
Medium 38-43 30-34 14  18
Large 43-46 34-38 15 19 
XL 46-48 38-42 16 20 
XXL 48-50 42-46 16.5 20.5 
XXXL 50-52 46-50 17 21
XXXXL 52-53  50-53  17.5  21.5 

Points to consider when choosing your size

  • Body armour is ergonomically designed to sit around your belly button +/- 1 inch. This is the ideal position to allow the wearer to sit or crouch whilst wearing body armour.

  • For assistance please complete a Measurement Chart Sheet and email to or have your measurement ready and call +44 (0)1621 816 614 

Measuring for Helmets and Gloves

Helmet – Take measurement from the forehead and extend the tape all the way around your head

Gloves – Using your strongest hand wrap tape between thumb and forefinger and around your whole palm. Make a loose fit

  Minimum Head Circumference Hand Circumference
  Inches (cm) Inches (cm) 
Small 52-54 (20.5-21.2) 8 (20.3)
Medium 54-59 (21.2-23.2) 9 (22.9)
Large  57-59 (22.5-24.8) 10 (25.4)
XL 63-64 (24.8-25.2) 11 (27.9)
XXL   12 (30.5)


Measurement Sheet

Frequently Asked Sizing Questions 

Q. How do I know what size I am?

A. You will need a tape measure and our sizing table. Measure around the largest circumference of your Chest and Waist/Stomach. Using these two measurements identify the sizes of both on the sizing table and then select the highest of the two. This will be the most suitable size to fit your body shape. 

Q. What height does the vest fit?

A. People are all different shapes and sizes and body armour works differently between overt and covert styles. If you are between 5'8" and 6'1" our armour should be suitable to fit your body.  If you have a shorter or longer upper body than usual please contact us to discuss which size is most suitable for you. 

Q. Do you supply female sizes? 

A. All of our NIJ level II(2), NIJ level IIIA(3A) and Home Office/CAST HG KR SP armour are made from very flexible and thin layers which contour and fit the body shape of both our male and female customers. Some higher level solutions may not be as flexible in standard stock sizes and may not suit some body shapes. Please contact our sales team if you require further assistance.

Q. What happens if the vest does not fit me?

A. We will always do our very best to supply the perfect size first time. If you feel you do not have the right size please contact us to discuss how we can assist you.