Defence Offsets

VestGuard - A strategic partner for offsets.

VestGuard is a leading defence company from the United Kingdom. With over twenty years’ experience we offer expert advice of international defence business and an understanding of the end user. Our products, solutions and capabilities meet and exceed stringent international standards and requirements verified by certified, independent third-party testing and auditing. Our products as well as our service offerings form a sizeable part of international defence offset items lists.

Defence offsets are a counter-trade mechanism agreed between purchasing governments and supplying companies when the former acquire military equipment or related services or works from the latter. They are frequently used as industrial (sometimes even social or economic) policy tools aimed at improving balance-of-payments accounts and compensating the purchaser’s economy (and tax payers) for a public investment that will not have an immediate direct impact on the wellbeing of the population. Offsets consist in packages valued to a percentage of the acquisition contract and may take many forms, for example, agreements for co-production, licensed production, subcontracting, training, technology transfer, or other investments in the purchasing country’s economy. Typically, they fall under one of two headings, direct offsets, in which the investment is directly related to the subject of the acquisition, and indirect offsets, which can be defence or civil, and are not related to the subject of the acquisition.

Having worked extensively in the defence domain, on some of the largest defence contracts, VestGuard has developed enviable experience and expertise in dealing with defence establishments domestically and internationally. With robust technology and cross-functional alliances as well as partnerships with some of the leading names in the defence and aerospace industry, VestGuard is uniquely placed to work with strategic international partners on new and existing ventures to help them fulfil their offset obligations.