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Soft Armour Panels
for Personal Body Armour

VestGuard manufactures a range of Soft Armour Panels (SAP) for use in our body armour, ballistic blankets and for personal protection inside everyday objects. These products utilise the same technology in different forms for protection against handguns, knives, needles, explosions and fragments, depending on the individual requirements. Manufactured using the highest quality materials, tested and backed by the VestGuard quality seal and a 5 Year performance Guarantee ensures protection that lasts. 


Product Description 

Independent testing to comply with UK and International standards

Solutions for civilian and military requirements

Increased ballistic coverage area with patented blunt trauma protection technology 

Solutions designed to work in-conjunction-with (ICW) VestGuard Hard Armour Plates (HAP) to provide custom rifle protection 

Flexible construction to contour the body with STANAG 2920 fragmentation and blast performance

Sonic welded water and oil resistant PU cover includes UV and fungal growth resistant 

Heat and Flame Resistant (BS 6941:2003)

Easy care wipe down finish


Front and rear soft armour coverage area with overlapping sides

One set of VestGuard soft armour panels can be transferred between covers to suit different operational environments

Five (5) year performance  guarantee *


Available in Sizes S - XXXXL as standard

Incremental size coverage 

Bespoke and larger sizes can be quoted for by contacting us directly 

Weight dependant on final protection level chosen 

One (1) year excellence warranty *


CE marked ergonomic tests carried out for comfort and use over extended periods of use


Quality controlled production to ISO9001:2015 standards



Protection levels 

This model is able to accommodate the following protection levels available from VestGuard Shop 

U.S. National Institute of Justice Standards

NIJ Level II (2)

NIJ level IIIA (3a)

NIJ level IIIA (3a) KR1



U.K Home Office Standards 






HG1 = Handgun standard)   KR1  = Stab standard     SP1 = Spike/Needle standard


Independent testing has been carried out to conform with UK and International standards


(This video is for promotional demonstration only and is not part of any official testing) 



Shipping and Delivery 


VestGuard can ship this product to any location in the world 

VestGuard is an international manufacturer and supplier to civilian, commercial, government and military clients 


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VestGuard is the manufacturer of this product. For a quote or to ask a question please contact a member of a sales team 

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