Executive VIP Waistcoat Body Armour WC102

Product Description 

Lightweight Ultra low profile polycotton finish (BS 2861), for discreet corporate protection

Waistcoat style outer cover featuring faux button up front, pockets, and rear adjustment strap

Flame Resistant (BS 6941:2003) fabrics and Velcro closures (BS 7971-4:2002)

3D mesh ventilation lining

Dynamic shoulder and waist adjustment - totally adjustable straps for our best ever tailored fit

Easy care washable cover

Front and rear soft armour coverage with overlapping sides

One set of VestGuard Soft Armour panels can be transferred between covers to suit different operational environments

Fits VestGuard standard soft armour panel shapes

Available in Sizes S - XXXXL as standard

Bespoke and larger sizes can be quoted by contacting us directly 

Outer carrier weight approx 0.25KG (Size Large)  

One (1) year outer carrier excellence warranty*

CE marked ergonomic tests carried out for comfort and use over extended periods of use

Protection levels 

This model is able to accommodate the following protection levels available from VestGuard Shop 

U.S. National Institute of Justice Standard 0101.06 NIJ :

  • NIJ Level II (2)
  • NIJ level IIIA (3a)
  • NIJ level IIIA (3a) KR1 SP1

U.K Home Office  CAST/DSTL 2017 Standard :

  • KR1 SP1
  • HO1 KR1 SP1
  • HO2 KR1 SP1
  • HO2 KR2 SP2

HO (Handgun standard) 
KR (Stab standard)
SP (Spike/Needle standard)

Independent testing has been carried out to conform with UK and International standards

Fits VestGuard standard soft armour panel shapes

Available in Sizes S - 4XL as standard

Shipping and Delivery 

VestGuard can ship this product to any location in the world

VestGuard is an international manufacturer and supplier to civilian, commercial, government and military clients 

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