VestGuard Manufacturing

Based in the UK, the VestGuard manufacturing facility is a state-of-the-art production site using the most advanced machinery and processing techniques. Raw materials are developed into finished garments with a fast turnaround period and to the highest quality come to be recognised by the VestGuard brand name. 

An in-house design team is based at the facility and works with clients to produce tailored garments suitable for their needs. The design is then processed into a finished product by the highly trained workforce in accordance with the required specification. 
The facility is owned by VestGuard and procures the best raw materials from UK and international sources and produces high quality, world-renowned products with each supplier undergoing conformity visits reviewing the sourcing of base materials, manufacturing processes, and quality controls.
Continually making significant productivity improvements, VestGuard has the capability to process up to 4,000 full sets of body armour and plates each week.
Historically VestGuard has manufactured faster and to a higher quality than competition to meet short deadlines. Processing is tailored around the needs and requirements of the client.

Production of Hard Armour Plates

VestGuard sources all raw materials and manufacturers all hard armour plates to the highest quality standards. Through rigorous processing and regular line checks each hard armour plate is quality checked to ensure compliance to internal quality management system through ISO 9001:2008. Providing a guarantee of 10 years on hard armour, our company puts on its branding to demonstrate our confidence in the products we supply. No middle men, just good quality products tested and certified by independent test facilities. 

Production of Soft Armour Panels

Every year thousands of soft armour panels are processed by VestGuard. Material goes through giant presses that cut panels to exact shapes. Quality controls are put into place at every step to ensure every panel is the same as the last. Each panel is heat sealed inside its own water proof bag to ensure longevity and prevents damage to the protection from outside sources like temperature, oil and water. With a 5-year guarantee backing our soft armour as standard, protection is ensured. 

Safe transport to world destinations

Each vest which passes through VestGuard is individually wrapped to ensure it reaches our clients safely, in the best quality. Our larger orders are secured in reinforced cardboard or wooden crates providing water tight transport across the world. 

Maximum capacity

With an efficient team of workers, VestGuard can scale up and down to meet customer demands. 
For large contracts VestGuard can ramp up production to 4,000 vests and 8,000 plates per week. This ability is phenomenal allowing us to produce faster than competition, without reducing our levels of quality or protection.

Logistic Network

Dealing with anything from one vest to 4,000 vests a week, our logistics network allows us to deliver to any country in the world. Local distribution agents help the transition into country. 
Historically VestGuard has delivered faster than our competition delivering our side of contracts into country before any other. On larger orders, we ensure time-scales are realistic and can set up systems that allow us to ship on timed intervals. 

Through hard work and dedication VestGuard delivers a quality and protection.