Product Description 

VestGuard manufacture and supply high quality ballistic shields for civilian, law enforcement and military use, in the UK and around the world. Because this product is highly individual to the individual customer requirements, this product is unavailable to buy from stock. 

Manufactured to order : lead time approx 6-8 weeks from date of order

We offer a full range of shapes, sizes and protection levels for our customers to choose from

  • Manufactured to individual customer specifications
  • Edge to edge protection drop tested and designed for superior performance 
  • Water, oil and vibration resistant
  • Standalone Multi-hit protection 
  • Temperature, altitude and pressure stable
  • Easy wipe clean finish
  • Bespoke badges
  • Ballistic viewing port options
  • Single or double handed use
  • Shoulder strap
  • Lighting unit 
  • Ten (10) year ballistic performance warranty *
  • One (1) year workmanship warranty *

Threat Level

Bullet Calibre and Type

NIJ level II (2)

9mm FMJ RN     


.357 Magnum JSP

NIJ level IIIA (3a) 

9mm FMJ RN 


.44 Magnum SJHP

NIJ level III (3)     

7.62x62mm NATO FMJ (M80 Ball) 

NIJ level III (3) ++

5.56x45mm SS109

NIJ level IV (4)  

.30 calibre AP M2 30.06


Fragmentation V50 17 grain



Small Ballistic Shield Small Ballistic Shield Ballistic Shield Carry Bag


Independent testing to conform with UK and International standards

Quality controlled production to ISO9001:2015 standard

Shipping and Delivery 

VestGuard can ship this product to any location in the world 

VestGuard is an international manufacturer and supplier to civilian, commercial, government and military clients

Contact Us about this product

VestGuard is the manufacturer of this product. For a quote or to ask a question please contact a member of our sales team 

Email us: Sales@vestguard.com
Call us: +44(0)1621816614 

Design and style may vary to image shown at VestGuard discretion. Weights quoted are subject to a manufacturing tolerance of +/- 8%