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Overt Tactical Body Armour

Overt Tactical Body Armour
Overt Tactical Body ArmourOvert Tactical Body ArmourOvert Tactical Body ArmourOvert Tactical Body ArmourOvert Tactical Body Armour
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Model:  BAV-OT102


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COVER - Overt Tactical Body Armour Outer CoverCOVER - Overt Tactical Body Armour Outer Cover
Soft Armour Panels NIJ Level IIIASoft Armour Panels NIJ Level IIIA


Cordura texturized nylon finish (BS 2861) with 3D mesh ventilation lining

360o MOLLE webbing attachment system for customising with pouches 

Front and rear soft armour coverage with overlapping sides and shoulders in a range of protection levels 

Detachable collar and groin protection in a range of protection levels 

Upgrade protection coverage with bicep, throat and coccyx components

Flame Resistant (BS 6941:2003) fabrics and Velcro closures (BS 7971-4:2002)

Badge attachment velcro front and rear 

Waist and shoulder adjustments

Reinforced Hard Armour Plate (HAP) compartments for Tactical rifle plate upgrade

Upgrade rifle protection with side plates and pouches 

Available in a range of sizes and colours 

One set of VestGuard Soft Armour panels can be transferred between covers to suit different operational environments

Independent testing to conform with UK and International standards

Five (5) year SAP guarantee and One (1) year outer carrier excellence warranty *

CE marked ergonomic tests 

Production ISO9001:2008 quality controlled

Easy care washable cover


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Sizing Guide

Measuring for Body Armour

(Please consider the clothing that will be worn during typical duties in your body armour)

  Chest Waist / Stomach Front length Back Length
  Inches (cm) Inches (cm) Inches (cm) Inches (cm)
Small 34-38 (86-96) 26-30 (66-76) 13 (33) 17 (43)
Medium 38-43 (96-109) 30-34 (74-86) 14 (35) 18 (46)
Large 43-46 (109-116) 34-38 (86-96) 15 (38) 19 (48)
XL 46-48 (116-122) 38-42 (96-107) 16 (40) 20 (51)
XXL 48-50 (122-127) 42-46 (107-117) 16.5 (42) 20.5 (52)
XXXL 50-52 (127-132) 46-50 (117-127) 17 (43) 21 (53)
XXXXL 52-53 (132-135) 50-53 (127-137) 17.5 (44) 21.5 (54)

Measuring for Helmets and Gloves

Helmet – Take measurement from the forehead and extend the tape all the way around your head

Gloves – Using your strongest hand wrap tape between thumb and forefinger and around your whole palm. Make a loose fit

  Minimum Head Circumference Hand Circumference
  Inches (cm) Inches (cm) 
Small 52-54 (20.5-21.2) 8 (20.3)
Medium 54-59 (21.2-23.2) 9 (22.9)
Large  57-63 (22.5-24.8) 10 (25.4)
XL 63-64 (24.8-25.2) 11 (27.9)
XXL   12 (30.5)


Size Guide (body armour, protective helmets and gloves) 

Measurement Sheet (female body armour and helmet)

Measurement Sheet (male body armour and helmet)

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