Soft Armour Plate Panels (Pair)

Soft Armour Plate Panels (Pair)
 Soft Armour Plate Panels (Pair)Soft Armour Plate Panels (Pair) 
Our Price:  £156.00(Exc. 20% VAT)(£187.20 Inc. VAT)
Protection Level :  

Model:  SAP-NIJ3A-202-PLA

Soft Armour Plate Panel (SAP) Features    

  • Independent testing to comply with UK and international standards
  • Ideal solution for use in plate carriers
  • Available in two sizes to match VestGuard standard and side plate designs
  • Place inside the plate pockets behind the Hard Armour panels 
  • Patented blunt trauma protection technology 
  • Solutions designed to work in-conjunction-with (ICW) VestGuard Hard Armour Plates (HAP) to provide custom rifle protection 
  • Flexible construction to contour the plate and body 
  • STANAG 2920 fragmentation and blast performance
  • Sonic welded water and oil resistant PU cover 
  • UV and fungal growth resistant 
  • Heat and Flame Resistant (BS 6941:2003)
  • Easy clean and care

SAP Coverage

  • Front and rear

Protection Levels 

SAP (U.S)       SAP (U.K)    HAP (U.S)
NIJ level II  KR1 SP1   NIJ level III
NIJ level IIIA   HG1 KR1 SP1 NIJ level III+SS109
  HG2 KR1 SP1 NIJ level IV
  HG2 KR2 SP2  

Data Sheet 

BA-1 Ultra Covert Body Armour - VestGuard Data Sheet 2016.pdf

Additional Protection 

  • NATO STANAG 2920     V50 Fragmentation
  • Blunt Force Trauma

VestGuard Services

  • SAP health assessments
  • Free end of life recycling program
  • Replacement panels
  • Carbon neutral production reduces impact on the environment

Protection Guarantee    

  • Independent testing to conform with UK and International standards
  • Five (5) year SAP guarantee*

Performance Guarantee

  • Manufactured using high quality materials
  • CE marked ergonomic tests for extended use
  • Production ISO9001:2008 quality controlled

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Sizing Guide

Measuring for Body Armour

(Please consider the clothing that will be worn during typical duties in your body armour)

  Chest Waist / Stomach Front length Back Length
  Inches (cm) Inches (cm) Inches (cm) Inches (cm)
Small 34-38 (86-96) 26-30 (66-76) 13 (33) 17 (43)
Medium 38-43 (96-109) 30-34 (74-86) 14 (35) 18 (46)
Large 43-46 (109-116) 34-38 (86-96) 15 (38) 19 (48)
XL 46-48 (116-122) 38-42 (96-107) 16 (40) 20 (51)
XXL 48-50 (122-127) 42-46 (107-117) 16.5 (42) 20.5 (52)
XXXL 50-52 (127-132) 46-50 (117-127) 17 (43) 21 (53)
XXXXL 52-53 (132-135) 50-53 (127-137) 17.5 (44) 21.5 (54)

Measuring for Helmets and Gloves

Helmet – Take measurement from the forehead and extend the tape all the way around your head

Gloves – Using your strongest hand wrap tape between thumb and forefinger and around your whole palm. Make a loose fit

  Minimum Head Circumference Hand Circumference
  Inches (cm) Inches (cm) 
Small 52-54 (20.5-21.2) 8 (20.3)
Medium 54-59 (21.2-23.2) 9 (22.9)
Large  57-63 (22.5-24.8) 10 (25.4)
XL 63-64 (24.8-25.2) 11 (27.9)
XXL   12 (30.5)


Size Guide (body armour, protective helmets and gloves) 

Measurement Sheet (female body armour and helmet)

Measurement Sheet (male body armour and helmet)

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